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[sg_popup id=”3″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]The hardest type of fat to lose is belly fat. But, it’s the most important fat to lose. Because belly fat can be a sign of poor cardiovascular health and can signify potential onset of diabetes, heart attack and even colon cancer. Getting belly fat under control is of utmost importance. Due to science we know more than ever before about belly fat. Even why we should lose belly fat in a healthy way.

Simple Fat Loss Tips To Lose Belly Fat

Tip #1 – Eat More Slowly.
Just like eating smaller portions, eating slowly is important,too. Dieting is simply not a long term solution to lose belly fat – eating healthy is. You should focus on changing your eating habits in order to promote healthy and lasting belly fat loss.

Try and eat slowly so that you give yourself time to start the digestion process. You may be surprised at how full you feel. This will also prevent you from getting that tired and bloated feeling. You may get if you ate too much during your meal.

Use a smaller spoon and chew for longer.You’ll feel fuller and digest your food better

Tip #2 – Stop Drinking Fizzy Drinks!
These contain a ton of calories and even more sugar.

Tip #3 – Stop Drinking Fancy Coffee.
Even worse are fancy coffees which are packed full of chocolate and cream. Have an Americano instead of a cappuccino and feel the benefit.

Tip #4 – Get a Fitness Tracker
This will not only help you to see how many calories you burn in a regular day. It will also let you see which of your other techniques and strategies are working. This can be an invaluable tool in the fight against flab!

Lose belly fat Tips [continue]

Tip #5 – Get a Slow Cooker
You can put some food in this to cook when you go to work. Then set it up to be ready just as you get home. This is great for cooking hot pots and other healthy meals without any of the effort!

Tip #6 – Decant Crisps Bagsbelly fat loss

Going to eat some crisps straight from the bag? How about taking those bad boys out and putting them in a bowl. This way you won’t be tempted to eat more than you had planned.

Tip #7 – Try HIIT
HIIT is ‘High Intensity Interval Training’. This is a type of training that’s good for burning more calories and improving energy efficiency.

Tip #8 – Eat Apples
They’re high in fiber, vitamin C and potassium.

Tip #9 – Get Enough Sleep
Sleep is very important to aid in burning fat and overall weight loss. Most people need at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night. But, the best way to figure out how much sleep you need is to go to bed earlier and earlier each night until you can wake up consistently at the time you need to rise for work each day without an alarm.

Fat Loss Protein Tips

Tip #10 – Eat More Protein
More protein is ideal for losing belly fat. It’s something you can add to your diet that will fill you up. And protein is much less likely to be converted to fat. Protein is good for retaining muscle while losing fat

Tip #11 – Consider Protein Shake
Protein shakes are a good way to add more protein to a diet. A lean shake can net you 20 grams of protein and just 100 calories. It’s worth looking out for the ones fortified with extra minerals and vitamins,or all natural like NeoLife Brand.

Tip #12- Get Good Running Shoes
The right running shoes will make you run faster and more comfortably, increasing your likelihood of sticking to your training.

Tip #13 – Avoid too Much Salt
Salt is an acquired taste.Substituted it with herbs and spices for flavor. After a few days you want miss it. Excess sodium will make you hold onto more water weight. Eat less Salt and look instantly leaner.

Tip #14 – Carry a Photo of Yourself
Carry a photo of yourself when you thought you REALLY looked your best. This is for times when you will need instant motivation on your journey to lose belly fat. When you think about quitting because losing belly fat can be challenging. Whip out your picture,look at how slim and sexy you can be if you don’t quit.


Healthy Lose belly fat Tips

Tip #15 – Setting Goals to Lose Belly Fat
Your goals to lose belly fat should be entirely within your control and should offer immediate feedback. To remain focused on your planned goals to lose belly fat, you should start a diary.

Write down all of your reasons, specific practices, and how and when you will be doing these diets and exercises. Writing these things down will give you an advantage, not letting you sway off track.

In this way, you can also monitor the achievements that you have achieved every time you practice this healthy hobby of yours. Since you write down all your plans, you can also be more flexible in the case that you will be skipping some parts of it.

Realize your goal as a realistic one; in other words, make it attainable to the fact that you will not sacrifice too much. It is better to visualize things that can happen in the near future. Since anticipation will never lead you to depression. When you focus on these achievable benefits of losing weight you will prevent stress.

Diet Tips to Lose Belly Fat

Tip #16 – Eat a Good Breakfast
A big breakfast will help you to feel fuller all day. Choose oat cereal for slow energy release. When you get up eat a healthy breakfast such as steel cut oats and berries. Add some almond milk for added delicious flavor and nutrition.

Tip #17 – Stick With Your Diet
Most diets don’t generally work because they focus on restrictions and eliminations. Instead of helping a person develop healthy eating habits. Some diets require people to virtually eliminate many foods. That’s not a natural way of dieting. Once a person’s off the diet they go right back to their old eating habits.

Losing belly fat requires breaking that cycle. To break the cycle of yo-yoing,you have to choose a diet and stay with it. So choose wisely.Fad diets don’t last and yo-yoing weight is unhealthy.

Tip #18 – Diet Hard at Lunch
You work and your work environment lunch is a variety of un-healthy foods. By all means,do diet hard at lunch.Don’t starve yourself,but see this as a good opportunity to snack healthily. For work at home dads or stay at home moms,your biggest meal should be early afternoon. Then you have time to burn those  calories before bedtime so they don’t turn into belly fat.

Supplement Tip to Lose Belly Fat

Tip #19 – Eat Omega 3s
These are found in salmon,flax seeds and chia seeds,and are all great ways to get in your Omega 3s. Which help lower the risk of heart disease, depression and dementia.

Tip #20 -Take Omega‐3 Supplements
Taking Omega‐3 on a daily basis can help you lose belly fat and build muscle – isn’t that good news? Simply by taking enough Omega‐3 each day, and combining this action with a healthy diet. You can get the body you’ve been dreaming of.

When you take omega 3, it can make your diet and exercise program work better. Studies have indicated that those who consumed Omega‐3 on a routine basis lost more weight.

Omega‐3 can help you to lose belly fat better than an actual diet supplement.  Plus, it has so many other benefits nesting behind it. With those amazing benefits, we can’t see why anyone would turn away from Omega‐3 . More especially, if their goal is to lose belly fat.

There are probably other things you can do to lose belly fat. Each time you have a choice of what to eat, choose the item that is closest to nature.

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