Carb Backloading : A Useful Method for Losing Weight

There’s many different schools of thought when it comes to losing weight. With many different systems, diet plans and strategies that claim to be the most effective in the world. Carb backloading is just one of them

Of course,not all of these can work equally. So,your job is to try and weed out the winners from the losers. And identify which strategies are most effective. What’s best suited to your specific lifestyle and biology.

For your consideration then: carb backloading!

What is Carb Backloading?

The basic idea behind carb backloading is that you are going to time your meals. More specifically you are timing your consumption of carbohydrates. You’ll eat carbs like bread, pasta and others only immediately after you have engaged in intensive cardiovascular training.

You will be timing your consumption of simple carbs in order to follow High Intensity Interval Training workouts. That means that you’ll a low-carb or no-carb diet for the majority of the day. Then when you’ve finished an intense training session, you’ll be able to permit yourself to have some pasta or a sandwich.

Why Does Carb Backloading Work?

female fat lossThe idea behind this system is to first empty the energy stored in the muscles (glycogen) before turning to carbohydrates. What this does is create a demand on the body.  The  demand will ensure that the new sugar influx is not stored as fat.

You see, the body only stores excess sugar as fat when it doesn’t have any use for it. If your blood sugar is low when you eat. Your body will use some of the incoming sugar rather than store it. Unfortunately, low blood sugar also stimulates the release of many hormones. So, it doesn’t take much to get a good supply back.

Conversely though, the body also stores a small amount of energy in the muscle cells as glycogen. This allow us to run and fight when we have low blood sugar. And we are burning energy too quickly to rely on fat stores.

The first priority for the body is to restore this energy. Thus, any carbohydrates that you eat within a short window of opportunity will be sent to the muscle.

How to Get Carb Backloading Right

It is important to note that this carb backloading system doesn’t work if you only use steady state cardiovascular exercise. A gentle jog will use up the blood sugar and then turn to fat stores. Conversely, if you go at 100% output your body will have no choice but to use glycogen.

We can only maintain max output for a short amount of time. This is where High Intensity Interval Training comes in. It is the perfect way to use up this form of energy and create that necessary demand.


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