Healthy Habits to Help Your Overweight Child

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It can be difficult setting healthy habits while allowing your overweight child to still be a kid . In order to do this there’s things you have to to stay away from. Like fad diets or dieting books that can lead you down an unhealthy path.

The truth is that dieting is not the best answer. You have to alter the way your family lives and its daily activities. These changes will truly help your child lose weight and maintain it over time. This article will point out a few healthy habits to help your overweight child.

Healthy Habits Help Overweight Child

Before Starting Healthy Habits

First, make sure to consult with your child’s pediatrician along this journey. She or he can provide you with helpful advice and validate whether or not your plan is a healthy option for your child.

Also, remember that for very young children, you simply want to keep him at his current weight rather than trying to get him to shed the extra pounds. Also, unlike adults, cutting calories isn’t the answer, unless your pediatrician has specifically stated that it needs to be done. Therefore, consulting with her is important to know which direction you should take to help your overweight.

Daily Healthy Habits

One of the very first things that you should do is figure out how to get your family up and moving. If you want your child to take part, and if you want him to be active consistently over time, you, your spouse and any other children that you have must participate as well.

Consider playing basketball together as a family, taking walks with one another after dinner, or staging Olympic-style races in the back yard. Not only will you be helping your children get healthy, but you are providing an opportunity for your family to bond with one another. These happy memories will be something that your child remembers for their entire life.

Eating Healthy Habits

Turn off the television when you are eating. The ultimate goal is for the entire family to sit down together and eat at every meal; however, if that isn’t possible, do it as often as you can. Research has shown that family meals make a difference in childhood obesity; kids that had the opportunity to eat with their parents were more likely to be within a normal weight range.

While it is not clear why that is true, it may have something to do with communication; if you all sit down together, eating and talking, dinner takes longer. As a result, your family members are eating more slowly and giving their bodies more time to recognize when they are full.

If your child is overweight, you may feel guilty about his condition. However, that helps no one. Instead, take the initiative to make things better. Talk with your pediatrician, get your family up and moving and start eating dinner together as a family.

While each of these steps to healthy habits are small, they are powerful, particularly when used in conjunction with one another. Don’t wait; commit yourself to these healthy habits to changing your child’s life today.


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