Running to Lose Weight Plan Accordingly

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Many roads lead to weight loss, but when you are a runner, every physical road can lead you to the weight of your dreams. Still, just being a runner is not enough. You need to run in the right ways to make sure that your passion for running means shedding the pounds. Keep reading into the following paragraphs for more on our running to lose weight plan.

Prior to running, eat healthy

Your body is going to digest the food in your system a lot harder when you tax your body with a good run. If you eat bad foods that are full of junk, you are just going to slow down your run. Power yourself up with the right combination of protein and carbohydrates. You will burn off the carbs in no time, and the protein will be leftover to build your muscles and help your body recover afterward.

Write down a consistent running schedule

runningYou can not just go out and run the same distance every time. Your routes and distances need to vary so that you can alternate between pushing yourself and downshifting into recovery running without flat out stopping.

Having said that, run every day, or at least six days a week. Your body gets used to running, and while rest is necessary, stopping for extended periods of time means your physique starts slipping back into a sedentary state. This just makes resuming running harder when (and if) you ever get back to it.


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Find your limits, and then pass them

When you run long enough or enough times, you will start finding the distances where you hit your wall. If you have struggled with 5k races in the past but have more than one under your belt, it might not be time to register for a 10k but it is time to start the training curve for one.

Once you have started a training curve for a 10k (or other distance) and you are more than three weeks into it without stopping, then register for the race. Just finishing any running competition is going to be an accomplishment you are proud of and that many of your friends and family will be impressed with. If there is anyone in your life not impressed, they may not really care about you. At least now you can run away from them easier than you used to.

Once you do cross the finish line of any race, take running a little more seriously. The more you do anything, the better you get at it. Even if you finish a 10k, you do not have to move up to half and full marathons.

Your next goal could just be shaving a minute off of your 10k time. Even fifteen seconds is an improvement. There are no perfect runners who are just done. Running always has another challenge waiting for you.

When running is something you have passion for, you can weave it into all aspects of your life. Doing this will rid you of those extra pounds you do not want. Plus, you are going to feel terrific and thin! Keep at it and maintain that wonderful feeling.


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