The Not-So-Pleasant Changes You Might Experience During Weight-Loss

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    While you’re pursuing your weight-loss goals you may notice some not-so-attractive changes in your body. Use the tips below to prepare for and deal with side effects of weight-loss efforts in order to maintain your motivation to reach and keep yourself at a healthy body weight.

    weight-loss side effectsIf you’re working out as part of your weight-loss efforts you may notice that your breath smells or feels like it smells bad after a workout. This is probably true for a variety of reasons ranging from the smell of ketones which result from breaking down fat to a failure to be sufficiently hydrated. As long as you know that you’re healthy enough to exercise, solve the problem of your post-workout bad breath by carrying a small mouthwash with you.

    Dietary changes that make you smell include spices you may be using to add flavor to low-calorie foods such as increased garlic or curry. You may want to vary the spices you use so that your body doesn’t exude the smells from spices you’re using to add flavor to your low-calorie diet.

    You may find that you sweat more easily as you become more fit during your weight loss program. Increased sweating is frequently a side effect of getting into better shape. Address your increased sweating by showering after a workout.

    You’ll likely experience new aches and pains from soreness to stiffness if you’ve just begun an exercise routine as part of your weight-loss efforts. Aches and pains are situation normal for people who exercise. Try methods such as cold packs, or cold packs alternating with warm packs and switching your exercise routine every other day to give sore muscles a chance to stop feeling sore.

    As you lose weight you will likely notice skin sagging and wrinkling that you didn’t notice before. Depending on your age and the amount of weight loss you’ve achieved, this wrinkling can be fairly minor or in cases of morbidly obese individuals who have lost weight might require surgery as a remedy for sagging skin.

    When you workout as part of your healthy weight-loss strategy you’ll likely find yourself washing your hair each day to remove the sweat from you scalp that accumulates during workouts. In order to prevent excessive dryness in your hair, consider using a mild shampoo and allowing your hair to air-dry rather than blow drying your hair each time you wash it. If you color your hair, you’ll likely have to color it more frequently because of additional washing.

    You may experience stomach upset in a variety of forms from your new low-calorie diet. Consider substitutions for foods in your diet that you’ve identified as contributing to your discomfort as well as ways you can cook low-calorie foods to substitute for eating them raw. Cooked foods are frequently easier on the digestion than raw foods.

    It’s not always one hundred percent a positive experience when you undertake a weight-loss program of diet and exercise. Consider some of the common side effects you might experience from you new healthy lifestyle, as well as tips on how to handle them in the article above.


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